How to Use

How To Use Fingoflex?

Tip 1: Place Fingoflex on a flat surface and place fingers where it feels comfortable. Loop each finger into its desired hole and the thumb into one of the bigger four holes at the bottom. Secure each finger into its comfortable place. 

Tip 2: At your speed, slowly spread the fingers apart. Hold at the top of the stretch if desired. Relax and slowly return the fingers to the original position. 

Tip 3: The closer you group your fingers to each other the more resistance you will have. The Fingoflex was designed to be universal and allow for all types of hands and motions. Fingoflex can do various exercises and motions that cater to your own hand. 

Tip 4: Customize your personalized finger movements and do what works best for you and your desired outcome. Explore all the options and most importantly... Have fun and enjoy all the variations that come from having a Fingoflex! 

Best Regards!